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Our clinic has closed due to ongoing concerns with COVID-19. We are monitoring the situation daily and will reopen when it is safe for our staff and community. Our clinic offers TELE-REHABILITATION / VIRTUAL CONSULTATION. Please email us at for more information and if you have any questions or concerns or if you want to reach one of our physiotherapists to discuss about tele-rehabilitation.

What is Tele-Rehabilitation?

Tele-Rehabilitation is the remote delivery of physiotherapy services at a distance using electronic communication technologies which would include video and audio and telephone calls. This is appropriate for patients who can’t access care or simply unable to make it to the appointments under the current circumstances or for individual who need immediate care but are unable to travel to the clinic, and they don’t want to wait weeks for an appointment, especially if they only need exercise prescription and general education/guidance.

What can I do during a tele-rehabilitation session?

We can:

a. Provide a physiotherapy consultation (interview, assessment)

b. Provide moment advice and put it in practice.

c. Enhance patient’s active involvement in rehabilitation and empower patient to manage themselves.

d. Provide patient education and prescription exercises.


We cannot:

a. Provide manual therapy / hands on evaluation / treatment

b. Perform dry needling / acupuncture


What do you need from me before starting my tele-rehabilitation session?

a. Obtain consent from you to participate in the session via the electronic communication platform.

b. An emergency contact information (caregiver, family members) and your consent to contact these individuals should something happen to you during your session or in the event of an emergency or adverse event.

c. A safe and clear space (4’x4′ area) around you to move and exercise.

d. An alternative method of contacting you in case of i.e. Internet failure / technical difficulties. We will provide you with a phone number at which you can reach your physiotherapist in the event that you are disconnected.


Is tele-rehabilitation covered under my extended healthcare benefits?

Insurance companies are evolving constantly in response to the progression of the COVID-19 pandemic. Please reach out to your insurance company to see if your plan covers tele-rehabilitation/virtual physiotherapy.

Please note: The Public Service Health Care Plan recently suspended the need for a doctor referral for physiotherapy services until April 24, 2020.


What information is provided on a rehabilitation receipt?

Your tele-rehabilitation receipt will include all the same information as an in-clinic receipt. In addition, the receipt will indicate that a virtual appointment has taken place.


How do I schedule and pay for a tele-rehabilitation session?

Our staff will contact you and process the payment.


What if I am having trouble connecting with my physiotherapist at the time of my appointment?

You should receive an email link to join your tele-rehabilitation session shortly before the appointment time.



All tele-rehabilitation or virtual care sessions are provided through a secure, encrypted connection, and only your physiotherapist will be present on their end of the connection for the duration of your appointment.

We will be using EMBODIA as an affordable, user-friendly, HIPAA and PIPEDA compliant tele-rehab platform.